Coffee Bars in Chiang Mai

[Amanda & Gio] Best place for Digital Nomads: CAMP It has fast internet, is quiet (good for concentration) and good coffee. Downside; food options are not so great.

The Dojo Merges with Hubud Co-Working Space

[Facebook] The prices at Hubud will soon be brought down to mirror those of Dojo (yay!) and members from both spaces will be able to float seamlessly between the two locations at no…

Boom of Digital Nomad Culture in Chiang Mai

[Life Less Ordinary] Do not be surprised when you see most digital nomads applauding Chiang Mai and claiming it to be the number one spot for digital nomads

Canggu Bali Quick Guide!

[Livin that life] Here’s my quick guide for Canggu Bali in 2019! For digital nomads, or just anyone! I’ve lived in Canggu for 2 months at the time of this recording, so…

Cost of Living in Bali, Indonesia

[A little adrift] Moving to Bali is the stuff of travel dreams. The Indonesian island has a reputation for its gorgeous setting, delicious food, and fascinating Hindu culture

Impressions of Luang Prabang, Laos

[Reddit] Cheaper than a Western country, but expensive for SE Asia. You’ll find that you’re paying more and getting less for an equivalent good/service that you’d buy in Thailand or Vietnam.

Singapore: The Best Stopover City in Southeast Asia

[God Save The Points] When visiting Asia, the city you first land is is rarely the main event you’ve come for, but choosing the perfect gateway can turn an exciting trip into something…

Bangkok to Chiang Mai By Train

[Nomadic Notes] The train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is a great way to travel between the two cities, but depending on your travels it’s not always the best way. With some planning,…