I don’t like Ubud

[Reddit] I’m not into art markets, yoga, and vegan food. I just wanted a cheap and calm place to relax for a month. I can’t drive a scooter.

The Dojo Merges with Hubud Co-Working Space

[Facebook] The prices at Hubud will soon be brought down to mirror those of Dojo (yay!) and members from both spaces will be able to float seamlessly between the two locations at no…

Cost of Living in Bali, Indonesia

[A little adrift] Moving to Bali is the stuff of travel dreams. The Indonesian island has a reputation for its gorgeous setting, delicious food, and fascinating Hindu culture

The best co-working spaces in Bali for digital nomads

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The Truth About Bali: A Guide for First-Time Digital Nomads

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A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Living in Ubud

[Neverending Voyage] Ubud has overtaken Chiang Mai as our favourite digital nomad destination in the world. Where else can we afford to rent a house with a pool and rice field view?

A Digital Nomad Guide to Bali

[Indefinite Adventure] Welcome to the Island of the Gods. If you look to your right you’ll see rice paddies, farmers, chickens, and cows, if you look to your left you’ll see a hustling…